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The Kenyan Sisal Estates

The group operates two sisal estates in Kenya with a total sisal fibre production from these estates of around 12,000 tonnes per annum representing about half of Kenya's total estate fibre production.

Our Products: Dwa, Chai, Mwera, Sakura, Kigombe, Amboni, VipingoThe Dwa Estate, located at Kibwezi some 200 kms southeast of Nairobi, is the largest estate in the group - with a land area of 8,990 hectares and an annual fibre production of over 7,000 tonnes. Dwa fibre is sold under the well respected Chai mark.

The group operates the Vipingo Estate located about 30kms north of Kenya's second city, Mombasa.  The annual sisal fibre production of Vipingo is around 4,500 tonnes.

Vipingo is renowned for its high quality very white fibre which enables it to produce the now rarely produced No 1 and No 2 grades.

All fibre from the Kenyan estates is exported though the port of Mombasa in Kenya.

The Tanzanian Estates

The group owns three sisal estates in Tanzania - the Mwera, Sakura and Kigombe estates, located between 50 and 70 kilometers south of Tanga in north eastern Tanzania.

These estates are owned by Amboni Plantations Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of REA Vipingo Plantations Limited.

The Tanzania estates produce over 7,000 tonnes of sisal fibre per annum and - other than some fibre that is consumed in the Group's Amboni sisal spinning mill - it is all exported through the port of Tanga.

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'Nursery' at Vipingo Estate

'Nursery' at Dwa Estate

Dwa fibre is sold under the well respected Chai mark